1st Sunday of Advent, 3 December 2017: Message from Fr Phil

Pete Tells His Alpha Story

Last Eastertime in this column we heard this story from Pete:

Pete is a middle-aged guy from Detroit. He’s white and is a native English speaker and he belongs to a parish that includes native Spanish speakers. While on a parish weekend away, Pete was taking part in a prayer service. He wasn’t feeling particularly moved by God and wondered what was up. Then the music director made a comment about how good it was that the whole parish community had come together as one for this event –

both English and Spanish speakers. Pete says that as he heard those words, a profound warmth came over him from his head to his feet. Even in the telling of it, Pete gets choked up with emotion. He knew it was an experience of the Holy Spirit. He’s been moved to tell others about this encounter since then, and since that weekend he’s felt much more open to God working in his life.

What I didn’t mention then is that Pete had this experience during part of Alpha. Many people who have been at church for a long time and people new to church, and people who don’t go to church at all, have had profound experiences at Alpha.

What is Alpha? How can I get myself and others connected with Alpha at St. Raphael? See the insert in this week’s bulletin for more details!

God bless,

Fr. Phil Hurley, SJ