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Contact or Submit an Article to Both Bulletins and the Website 
English Bulletin 865.5705 bulletin@saintraphael.org
Spanish Bulletin Editor 865.5748 spanishb@saintraphael.org
Parish Web Patty Parrish 848.1708 webmaster@saintraphael.org

Two bulletins are printed each week, one in English and one in Spanish.
Click on a bulletin to read it.     Presione aquí para obtener Boletines Español.

Instructions for Submitting Articles

  • Bulletin Deadline: Announcements for the English bulletin must be submitted on Friday at 5:00 PM a week prior to the bulletin in which you’d like them to appear. Holidays can alter publishing deadlines, so please submit early and indicate the dates you want your item to run. All submittals are subject to space limitations and final approval by the pastor. Submit in the body of your email (not as an attachment) in a format that follows the standards in our current bulletin to bulletin@saintraphael.org.
  • Items submitted to the English bulletin are not forwarded to the Spanish bulletin or website. Send articles to spanishb@saintraphael.org  and Patty Parrish webmaster@saintraphael.org for the website.
  • Website items can be submitted at any time and are usually posted within 2-3 days of receipt.
  • Articles do not need to be translated into Spanish for the Spanish bulletin.
  • Use a descriptive SUBJECT line (not just, “For the Bulletin” or “For the Web”)
  • Keep items short and include the date, location, and contact person’s name and e-mail and phone number.
  • Write your announcement directly in the email. Do not attach a separate document. Any photos or graphics SHOULD be attached as separate JPG, TIF, or EPS files.
  • Please do not use any special formatting or characters (no italics, bold, ALL CAPS, indents, line spacing, etc.)
  • Include SPECIFIC dates you want publishing to occur (not “next weekend,” or “for the next three weekends”).
  • Check all spelling, phone numbers, email addresses, dates, times, and contacts carefully. Be sure the information in your message is complete.
  • Items are subject to editing for length, tone, or flow. Lengthy, “article-like” items may be cut significantly. Use current bulletin announcements as a guide for style and length, and minimize special formatting (all text will be changed to match design standards).
  • Inclusion and content is at the sole discretion and final approval of the pastor.


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