BAA 2018 Campaign- For Future Priests

Thanks to all who have already responded to Fr. Phil’s in-pew appeal on behalf of Bishop Zarama last weekend. At a time when we need more good men to serve as priests, one of our own parishioners, Robert Lane, is currently in the seminary. Here are his words of your support of the BAA means to him and the other 26 men in formation:“I have found that in being in seminary, I am in an ideal environment for discernment. I am in a place where I can offer my heart to Jesus Christ to be formed every day. I use the word formed intentionally because the formation is what makes seminary seminary. At seminary, there is a great emphasis on spiritual, intellectual, pastoral, and human formation- all dimensions that form us seminarians into priests after the heart of Jesus Christ. The BAA provides financial support so that young men such as myself can say “yes” and enter into this formation without a weighty burden of tuition costs.”

We are grateful to Robert and to the Holy Spirit for his call. Please contact Dan Gerlach, 2018 BAA  campaign Chair, if you have any questions about the Appeal or about the ministries it supports. Donations can also be made online at: