How to Choose a Godparent

Choosing a Godparent: Godparents have a unique and important role in the lifelong faith journey of their godchild.  This relationship does not begin or end on the day of Baptism but rather is evident from the parents’ first inviting and choosing, of the godparent(s), throughout the child’s life.  During the ceremony the godparent(s) represent the Church community who undertake the responsibility of helping with the lifelong faith formation of the child to be baptized.  The godparents role flows from their commitment and promise to represent the entire Church community in this task.  As the child to be baptized grows, a godparents have the responsibility to continue to provide support and witness for the child as well as encouragement to the parent(s).

Parents are asked to consider the following mandatory guidelines and norms when discerning godparents.

– One godparent is sufficient although two are desirable.  If two are selected, one should be male
the other female.  All godparents must complete and submit the Baptism-Godparent-Testimony-
Form found under the “Godparents” tab on the right column.
– The mother or father of the child to be baptized may not serve as godparent.
– The godparent must be at least 16 years old.
– At least one of the godparents must be fully initiated into Catholic Church, having been Baptized,
Confirmed and received First Eucharist.
– If the second person is not fully initiated in the Catholic Church they are identified as a Christian
Witness for the Baptism.
– If the godparent(s) cannot be present at the baptism, the parents may appoint another qualified
person to serve as a proxy.  The proxy must meet the same requirements outlined for a Catholic
godparent.  The godparent(s) and proxy names will be recorded In the Church’s baptism records.

Parents are encouraged to prayerfully discern who they will invite to serve in the role of godparent  for their child.