Minister to Our Youth!!!

The ministry to our youth in our parish is effective when adults like YOU share your time, talent, and treasure, and when we trust our God to use us and our gifts to joyfully proclaim to our youth: Jesus Christ risen from the dead.

Our goal is to show our teens who the Lord Jesus Christ is and how they can be in a living relationship with Him. We follow Jesus’ example of how to reach out to others –meet people where they’re at, sit with them, eat with them, listen to them, and talk to them about how there is something more to life.

We do this through caring and listening to them while guiding them towards understanding God in practical ways, aka “relational ministry”.

Our Youth needs Young Adults/Adults/Peer Leaders who will:

  • Love God and live for Him
  • Be interested in their lives
  • Be present in their lives
  • Pray for them
  • Be authentic (BE REAL WITH THEM)
  • Say encouraging words
  • Believe in them
  • Laugh
  • Remember their names and care for them
  • Share how God works in your life
  • Be committed to ministry
  • Be patient

Our teens are each in a different place in their lives and on their faith journeys. In order to reach them, we offer a multi-faceted program with a variety of different catechetical, social and service opportunities throughout the year

Please look at each component carefully and pray about where your strengths would best serve God.

Small Group Leader

  • Get to know teens, collect prayer intentions, lead faith discussions in small groups
  • Community Building and Fun Stuff
  • Be present for various fun things we do: LaserTag, Hiking trips, Busch Gardens, Luau​, Ski Trips, Service trips, etc. ​

Types of Small Group Leaders

Confirmation Small Group Leader to Youth beginning in the 7th grade
–Build Authentic Relationships with our Confirmation Candidates
–Facilitate a small group discussion with about 10 Youth for about 30-45 minutes with our Youth and allow them to come up with answers to prepared questions.
–Commitment: TWICE A MONTH 1.5 Hour gatherings

Middle School Youth Ministry Small Group Leader
–Facilitate a small group discussion with Middle School Youth with pre-prepared questions which will build from Large Group Topic presented by Presenters

High School Youth Ministry Small Group Leader
–Engage and Facilitate High School Youth with prepared discussion topic questions
–Commitment: WEEKLY Sunday Evenings — Retreats — Outings

It is important to be nourished and immersed in the life of our faith before ministering to others.
Part of our Program will include once a month meetings on Sunday afternoons before the 5:30PM Mass.

More than any workshop, taking the time to reflect on your spiritual life is the best preparation. Feel free to meet with our priests or your spiritual director to get input and prayers about starting this ministry to our youth!

****** Please contact Jeremy for the CORE Team Discernment Application