Language is the Key! Free Classes Here

languages-tLanguage is the Key is offered by the Hispanic Family Center (Centro para Familias Hispanas) to teach parents, with children ages 0-5, effective strategies that promote language development and put young children on the path to literacy. This program is a great tool, especially for those children that are preparing to enter Pre-Kindergarten. The class prepares the children with social interactions with other children, identification of concepts, gross and fine motor skills, and other developmental stages of the child.

The program consists of 10 classes that will be held once a week over the course of 10 weeks. The program is completely free-of-charge. The class will be held Mondays, and started Jan 23 from 10-11am in the Nursery room at St. Raphael. Registration occurs the day of the class.

These services are funded by Catholic Charities and Wake County Smart Start