Finance Council

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We are all being called to fully support our parish. Calculate Your Support.
Take 5% of your income, drop 3 zeros, and give that amount every week.
$20,000/year becomes $20 per week to God

Our Stewardship Campaign QUESTIONS and ANSWERS

Q. Who is asked to support our parish? We ask each member of our parish family to consider making a significant increase in their regular support. We hope each parishioner will play a conscientious role in shaping the future of our parish.

Q. By how much should I increase my offering? Only you can decide what is appropriate for you and your family. A lasting and meaningful increase by all of the faithful of our parish will make a tremendous impact. At many churches parishioners give 10% of their after tax income.

Q. Is Electronic Giving available for our offering? Yes. We offer Electronic Giving for those who like to pay their regular bills (mortgage, car payments, etc.) in this manner. You may give electronically to the Offertory, the Priests Welfare and Retirement Fund, and the Debt Reduction collection.

Q. What if I cannot increase my offering at this time? While it is our hope that this appeal will have a significant, positive impact on our offertory, We are particularly interested in hearing from 100% of our parish. Not everyone is in a position to increase their support. However, everyone can respond to the appeal. Perhaps there is something that we can do to assist you and your family. I ask everyone to pray for the success of this appeal.

Q. When should I start contributing at my new level? Please start contributing at your new level immediately. Please try to maintain this new amount as your regular giving level each time you make an offering.