God and Neighbor Help

If you need assistance you may leave a message on the answering machine 919.865.5719Phone

The God and Neighbor Help-line is a ministry that provides assistance to parishioners who need support. The God and Neighbor Helpline Desk volunteers identify people in our Church community who can provide the help that is needed. For instance, some parishioners can no longer drive and need help getting to Mass. Other parishioners may be undergoing medical treatment and need someone to take them to the doctor or to sit with them while they are going through chemotherapy. Below is a list of things that God and Neighbor Helpline volunteers may be asked to do.

God & Neighbor Helpline Volunteers:
1. Volunteer three hours a week to answer the phone at the God & Neighbor Helpline Desk and talk to parishioners about how they can help members of our church family who need assistance.
2. Provide a ride to Mass, doctor appointments, hospital, pharmacy, banking and grocery store.
3. Cook a meal for parishioners who are ill.
4. Visit those who are unable to leave their home to socialize.
5. Provide relief to care givers who are caring for family members with chronic needs.
6. Assist people with letter writing, reading and record keeping.

The God and Neighbor Helpline Desk is staffed Monday through Thursday afternoons from 1-4 pm. People who call in for assistance are matched with a volunteer who lives in their zip code area. Volunteers choose the ways in which they are interested in helping.

If you are interested in volunteering, call (919) 865.5719 and we will find the right volunteer opportunity for you.

If you need assistance of any kind, call the God and Neighbor Help-line (919) 865.5719 and one of our desk volunteers will return your call.