Welcome to our families with little ones!

Any time we see young families with kids in tow, we have an opportunity to support them with warm smiles, high fives for the kids or compliments on their cool light up superhero sneakers as they walk past in the atrium. You might choose to flirt with the infants till you get a smile in return. True enough we do not have a ‘cry room’ that separates the squirmy kids, but that’s just fine. We know that each child is a miracle, we have the sound and mess of creation right in our midst. Keep in mind that in today’s society there are so many pressures pulling on family time. Families that make a point of bringing the kids to Mass are making a great commitment to their faith and their children. We can support this effort with kind smiles, picking up the dropped pacifier under the pew, or counting the blessings that the squirmy little one in your pew is healthy enough to squirm! So think back to the days when there was always some kind of splotch on our shirt from a runny nose and offer up smiles and kind words of encouragement. Maybe even ‘adopt’ the families that sit near you. When it’s time for First Eucharist, you’ll be able to think about the part you played in helping this child understand what it means to be part of a loving Catholic community.