Like many of you, I’m excited to see the work moving forward on the Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral in west Raleigh. That campaign began several years ago, and the fruits of it are seen today.

Some parishioners recently asked me about the 2017 Bishops Annual Appeal, expressing concern that the funds were going toward buildings and not toward the important work of the Church such as help for the poor. I told them to let their hearts not be troubled. The 2017 BAA does NOT support a building campaign, as important as that may be. Rather it supports the work of the Diocese for charity, evangelization and worship. It’s about investing in HUMAN infrastructure of the Diocese to live out the Kingdom, not the PHYSICAL infrastructure. Both are important, but the work of the BAA supports the ongoing services and programs that we cannot do efficiently and effectively at the parish level.

God bless you for your generosity! Please contribute if you have not yet done so. Dan Gerlach, BAA Chair, dangerlach35@hotmail.com.