The Effects of the Sacrament and Viaticum

The special grace of the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick has as its effects the following:

The first grace of the sacrament is of strengthening, peace and courage to overcome the difficulties that go with the condition of serious illness or the frailty of old age.  The sick person receives the strength and gift of uniting him/herself more closely to Christ’s passion.  Certainly the grace of the sacrament contributes to the sanctification of the Church.

In some instances, there could be restoration of health.

Finally, the sacrament can be a preparation for passing over to eternal life, if such is imminent.  As such, the Eucharist itself becomes the last sacrament of the earthly journey, the Viaticum for passing over from death to eternal life.  This fortifies a person for the final struggle before entering eternal life.

The sacrament may be requested from any of the priests, from Gerry Madey at 919.865.5740 or or from Anna Vieira at 919,865.5729 or